Advantage of Sarkari Naukri over Private Sector

Sarkari Naukri 2019

Advantage of Sarkari Naukri over Private Sector

The main thing which is attracted about sarkari naukri is security in job. Next things are which are known as perks are educational medical facilities and free housing and even some more. If you ask any person that he would like to choose between sarkari naukri and job in private sector then definitely maximum percentage of people will choose sarkari naukri. Reason is that there is security of the job. There is uncertainty of job if in private sector.

Advantages of Sarkari Naukri over Private Job

Job Certainty- Why the job is certain in government sector is due to natural calamity and so the administration work of nation has to go on which is the reason you don’t lose your job when you get it. Today is the time one just want a thing and that is job and if you have assurance in any case you will not lose your job this will become wonderful.

Absence of answerability- Another thing is that sarkari naukri has absence of answerability.  If you are working at the junior level or at the middle post of the sarkari naukri then you have less pressure of responsibility as compare to private sector.

Perks along with salary- The next advantage is salary package and it is the reason to attract millions of people. It is said and even true in some ways that government sector pay less in comparison of private sector but there are some things which makes it desirable for many people and that are free education for children, free accommodation, retirement benefits, funds and loans, pension plans and free medical facilities and free food coupons etc. They are usually provided with salary. This ultimately balanced the salary chart and becomes favorable for government employees.

Working Hours- What you would like to choose if you have to work for about 10-12 hours and get high salary or you have to work relax with less working hours along with salary too. Surely you will choose salary have less hours along with less salary. In private sector there is not specific work time for you if you have any problem in the office even this is possible you may work for whole night to complete it in sarkari naukri whole picture is completely different because of the specific working hours. In case if you have to do overtime in sarkari naukri you will be paid for that opposite from private sector job.

Promotions- You has chances to get promotional benefits in sarkari naukri. Here the criteria of promotion depend over the service period and so you got more opportunities of promotions. This may be advantage for some people but some will look this as a disadvantage because those who are above average will not be promoted than his average counter parts.

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